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And group headquarters is located in the China financial, trade and logistics center -- Shanghai, since the establishment of the company, opportunities thanks to the reform and opening up, relying on Shanghai good investment environment and the information flow, logistics, capital flow, in the company of practical and prudent risk management, after more than ten years of continuous hard work and accumulation, and gradually transition to the petroleum chemical industry, nonferrous metal, wood pulp, agricultural products, coal, mineral resources, precious metal, rubber, commodity and energy resources trade and financial derivative product transactions related to the main business, at the same time invest based on upstream and downstream resources on related industries overall, and domestic and foreign large and medium-sized enterprise resource category and related industry companies to carry out strategic cooperation, expand the business field and overall profitability.

Group by combining business and financial model is different, as well as to the financial product innovation and explore the business, has gradually formed a diversified channels, full range of investment and financing system and profit model. Group in the new century Chinese watching the premise of industry and the mode of economic development, firmly grasp a series of consumer China economic transformation period of the upgrade, the upgrade of manufacturing industry opportunities, break through the original business model, actively expand the trading varieties, expansion of new commercial and industrial areas, and strive to build the industrial system of Global trade, financial services as a whole, industrial investment, successfully realize the transformation from a single industry to develop multiple industrial pattern.

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