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Business: PTA, PP, PE, PVC, liquefied bulk (Fang Ting, oil, MEG) etc.:

Management: Oil and Chemical

And group Oil and Chemical business the main business products include PTA, PP, PE, PVC, liquefied bulk (Fang Ting, oil, MEG) and other bulk raw materials, with good relationship with domestic downstream, quickly and expand the sales network, and gradually improve their influence in the chemical industry. We base on the domestic market, and constantly open up the import business in domestic trade business at the same time. Keep good relationship with major suppliers, the Middle East, South Korea American, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, such as South Korea's SK group, Exxon Mobil, Formosa Plastics Group, Singapore Shell, Kuwait petrochemical; at home, our Xiamen Jianfa Group Co and Xiamen Xiangyu Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen China World Trade Center Group Co., Ltd., in the plastic Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Materials Chemical Group Co. Ltd., Huarun packaging materials Limited, Sinopec Yizheng chemical Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd, PetroChina Co Ltd China Oil and Chemical, Chinese offshore oil company, oil Shanghai international trade limited company to maintain a good business and cooperative relations.

Chemical companies make full use of the funds, foreign trade, information advantage of group, and strive to build the procurement, sales, logistics, finance, as one of the domestic first-class chemical division. The future, we will continue to expand its team and marketing network, the bringing in and going out on the steps, globalization towards the business goal continued into the.

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